Scott Walker Unintentionally Makes the Case for Hillary Clinton

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker just made the following argument regarding the election:

The problem for Walker is that his tweet reads like an endorsement of Hillary Clinton because a majority of Americans did like the last eight years.

Walker’s ignorance of how this tweet would be received speaks to a bigger problem with the Republican party. For years, the Republican Party has campaigned largely on the notion that the country is falling apart under Obama. This argument is utterly divorced from reality and Americans recognize it. President Obama’s approval rating is now 54%, higher than Ronald Reagan at this point in his presidency. Even the much-maligned “right track/wrong track” poll now shows a majority of Americans believe the country is on the right track.

At his point in his presidency, Obama stands in stark contrast to the last Republican president, who left office with abysmal approval ratings and a country that was dramatically and demonstrably worse off than when he took office. The problem, even for mainstream #NeverTrump Republicans, is their polices have not meaningfully changed from the Bush years. While there are certainly areas where Obama can be criticized and ways the country can improve, Republicans have yet to come up with a coherent argument outside of reflexive obstructionism. Republicans have clung to blind opposition as a article of faith and now they are wandering in the wilderness, following the siren calls of a demagogue.

Photo credit: Michael Vadon – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,