No, Donald Trump is Not More Honest Than Hillary Clinton

According to today’s ABC News Tracking Poll, Donald Trump has an eight-point advantage on the question of which candidate is more honest and trustworthy. This perception is alarming because it is so out of wack with reality. Politifact just released its summary of the two candidates’ ratings over the course of the campaign and the ratings show the two candidates have very different relationships with the truth.

As the charts show, Clinton lies on occasion. However, according to Politifact, most of her sins are in the “Half True” category –  instances where she gives shades of the truth or obscures the complete picture. While these types of statements are hardly laudable, they are, like it or not, the types of rhetorical exaggerations that politicians and advocates commonly make when pushing a cause.Clinton has also told some straight up lies during the campaign but those are rare instances and she has been rightly dinged for them. Overall, her rating from Politifact is typical for a politician and, in fact, she generally scores better than most.

Donald Trump’s appeal is that he is not a typical politician and does not talk like a politician. He tries to present himself as unencumbered by political correctness and a man who tells it like it is and shoots from the hip.However, the problem with shooting from the hip is that you often miss the mark.

As Politico details, the majority of the statements of Donald Trump that were fact-checked were rated as “Pants on Fire” or “False.” Another 19 percent of his statements were “Mostly False.” If Trump opens his mouth on an issue of import, there’s only about a 30% chance it has some kernel of truth. There should be no mistake or false equivalence on this issue – Donald Trump simply does not operate in a factual world.He lies with impunity and at an unprecedented rate. It is sometimes hard to tell if he lies out of disregard for the truth or out of ignorance of basic facts. Regardless, neither quality is desirable in a President.