FBI Clears Clinton (Again)

Yesterday, FBI Director James Comey announced that the FBI’s review of the emails discovered during the Anthony Weiner investigation did not change the FBI’s conclusion not to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

Even without the second letter, Clinton would have likely cruised to victory. However, this second letter should not erase the memory of how disastrous a decision it was to send the first letter. It cast doubt, without information or context, on whether one of the two major party candidates was a criminal. Because the letter was so vague and contained nothing, all interpretations, no matter how crazy, were plausible.

The first letter cost the Democratic Party a chance (a slim one but a chance nonetheless) at retaking the House and it made the Senate a much closer call. Also, for those of us who believe it is important for Trump to lose in a big way for the sake of the republic, Comey certainly hurt that cause. Most importantly, Comey jeopardized the legitimacy of a future presidency and harmed the credibility of the FBI in future political investigations.

The FBI did the right thing in quickly reaching a conclusion but I’ll hold off on patting them on the back for partly cleaning up the huge mess they made.