Closing Thoughts on 2016

I started this site as as outlet for my passion for politics. Unfortunately, I finally decided to finally get involved in the most disgusting and depressing campaign in recent memory. At times, it has been a saddening exercise. Before this year, I never worried about my country on a fundamental level but, like many others, I lived with that fear in 2016.

Yet, I still love writing this little blog and I still love following politics because there are so many people who combat that same fear and cynicism. For all the lies that are told and hate spewed, there are people working to improve our government and our lives in big and little ways. Indeed, there have even been times this year when our leaders showed they were worthy of the people they represent. At the DNC, Joe Biden was haunting in describing how the tragedies of his life inspired him to help others. President Obama weaved the ethos of multiculturalism and progressivism with the best of traditional American values. And, the First Lady showed described how deep, earned, and beautiful patriotism can be.

Of course, the notable absence from that list of inspiring figures is Hillary Clinton. And that is okay.

Hillary Clinton does not mirror Trump in terms of the stakes of this election. A vote for her is not a vote for an equally drastic option. She is not, nor does she fashion herself as, anything close to the transformative figure Obama was as a candidate. She is a vote for stability and slow, steady progress.

History remembers progress in big moments but it really shifts slowly in real time. While there are people who bring about big moments of change, their gains are often safeguarded by their less-heralded successors. Gains have to be carefully preserved to last.

Clinton may not inspire but she may be the steady hand that guides the country through the coming uncertain times. Throughout her career, she has shown herself to be willing to listen to critics and political opponents and an ability to master the details of most issues. She will be thoughtful. She will listen. And she will try to make the right decisions. It may not be all that moving but it is what matters.